Stop Dreaming! Start Working!

Have you ever wondered how would it be like if you had lived in another country or city? Have you ever wished to leave your current place and go to live in another city? Or to think that if you had lived in another city or country that your life would be easier? That all of your dreams would come true? Or thinking about how some people are lucky to be living in particular places in the world? I’m sure all of us have had these thoughts at some point in our lives. I did think about how easy my life would be if I wasn’t from middle-east, if I was from a country where there were more opportunities for someone like me.

I went on and asked different people from different parts of the world (I’ve posted their stories in my previous blog posts). To know how easy or hard life is for them. I asked simple questions, like their dreams and goals, their support system, the difficulties they face, and questions about their societies.

I realized it doesn’t really matter where you live, it does affect your life, of course. But your personality and how bad you want something have more impact and are more important. I came to believe that the society will judge you no matter where you live, whether you’re from USA, Greece, or Iraq, the society will observe your moves.

Sometimes it’s not about where you are, it’s simply about the opportunities. We just have to know that some people are more fortunate than some other, some people get better opportunities than others. Life can be easy for someone who lives next door, and it will be a lot harder for you. Don’t wish for the things that you don’t have, but work for them, WORK REALLY HARD for them. Don’t sit and wonder why it’s easier for them but harder for you, maybe because you are stronger, or maybe because the experiences you go through will make you prepared for better opportunities in the future.

The most importantly, don’t stress over everything, what is meant to be will be. Relax, laugh loudly, have some peace of mind, and make your DREAMS come true.

– Dlvan Zirak

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