Lives of Youth Around the World 8

Enjoy reading the two last stories! I hope reading these stories is beneficial for you all. To open up your eyes and give you something to think about.

1: 20, Moroccan

My dream and hope are that one day I will have what it takes to fully expand artistically, to finish my writings, and get better at my art and hopefully get the chance to accomplish all the things I’ve planned, from screenwriting to comic creating. So far I’ve only started and haven’t yet accomplished anything but I am optimistic about being supported by my family and friends. Pretty generic obstacles, it all comes down to having connections in the right places and the right tools to accomplish my tasks. Right now my studies aren’t directly tied to what I want to do so it sort of hinders me and keeps me too occupied for my passions. I think the thing that would definitely make my life easier is if I just let go of what I think is holding me back and just pursue my goals and be optimistic about it. When it comes down to money and such, I’m well provided so I just need to better manage how I go on about my dreams. What I mostly enjoy about my city is that it’s a rather calm one. It’s not the best, there isn’t much to do here but I still have memories and what seems to be lifetimes spent here that shaped me into the person I am today. I wouldn’t change that much but I would love it if there were more fun activities to do here, to have more “life” going on. Our Society here is quite mundane so to speak, being a third world country after all. It would be good if everyone would focus on the right problems we’re facing instead of ignoring them, like improving our environment and put an effort in it rather than destroying each other. But in either case this doesn’t affect me as much, after all I created my own little world and I suppose I choose how to shape it and those around me.

2: 20, American

The goal I want to achieve is moving out and living on my own. I’m disabled and in a wheelchair, so I would have to learn how to do a lot of things myself. I believe that my life would’ve been easier if I weren’t dismissed from physical therapy and if they just would continue, I could’ve gotten better. My town is a nice one. A small town where everybody knows everybody else. I wouldn’t change anything about it, really. I love it! My encouraging words for those who are disabled, “Just keep swimming,” as Dory says.

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