The Mysterious Triangle – Part Two

* Click here to read the first part of this short story.

I was still in my bed. My body was sinking in sweat and I was breathing really hard. I sat on the bed and calmed myself down. I ran my hand on my neck and I felt the wetness on my fingers.

I was too anxious and too sweaty to be able to get back to sleeping. I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I opened the door and jumped into the shower. My body was less tense after the hot water made its way on my body.

Half an hour later I was sitting at the kitchen table. My head was resting on my open wide palms and I was thinking. Sleep had officially said goodbye to me, and there was more than an hour left for the sunrise. The good thing is that it was the weekend, I could’ve gotten back to sleep without any worries.

I went back to my thoughts. The whole night was weird; from the dream where I was thirsty, to waking up and seeing that triangle in the fridge. Then my thoughts were dragged to my somehow empty fridge and needing to go grocery shopping. Then, the absurd, scary dream. You see, the dream was quite scary, but it was very absurd at the same time. If only you knew what the triangle was. Oh the triangle. “Forget about it, Josh,” I told myself.

I pushed these thoughts away and headed to the living room. I grabbed the remote control and turned the TV on. I sat on the sofa and rested my legs on the table that was in the middle of the room. I pressed the buttons until I found something worth watching. It was a documentary about space. It was enjoyable and distracted me for one good hour. 

Then to my luck, the next documentary wasn’t very good at distracting me as it was about the Bermuda Triangle. Seriously, that’s what you’re throwing at me?” I was disappointed. I had to settle this whole situation once and for all. I pushed the power button and went back to the kitchen. I grabbed the container that had the big triangle and put it on the table.

I sat at the opposite side and started talking, “What do you want from me?” 

But the beautiful triangle was sitting quietly, torturing me in silence. “Answer me!” I said somehow in an angry tone.

“It won’t answer you, Josh,” I spoke to myself this time, “you’re going crazy!”

I didn’t stop there, I told myself one more thing, “It’s just a slice of pizza!”

I was right. I was going crazy over a slice of pizza! I lost the whole night’s sleep because of a beautifully decorated baked piece of dough. I had a nightmare where a giant pizza tried to kill me. And maybe it succeeded, I don’t know what happened later. If only I’d eaten it a few hours back, I would’ve saved myself from all this. The sun was starting to rise when I pulled the small plastic container closer to myself. I took the pizza out and put it on a plate. I opened the microwave and threw the plate in. Then the longest 30 seconds of my life started.

It was finally ready. I brought it closer to my mouth, but as usual, it’s the smell that attacks your senses before anything else. I allowed myself to take a little bit longer to smell it with my eyes closed. Then I opened my mouth and took the first bite of heaven. “Wow! I love you!” I told the beautiful triangle.

Just like magic, by the time I was done eating it, sleep crept back in and my eyelids were heavy. I barely made it to my bed and crashed right away. It’s safe to say that I had the best sleep in my life that day.

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