Lives of Youth Around the World 2

Today, I will share life from point of view from two young people out there. One is From Canada, the other one is from Australia. 1: 21, Canadian Dreams and goals that I want to achieve - travel the world and rehabilitate wild animals and work with wild animals. (Haven't achieved any yet but I... Continue Reading →

Lives of Youth Around the World 1

With this post, I will try to show life in point of view from two young men from the USA. I hope you enjoy reading it and it gives you a different point of view. 1:  Matthew Perry, 21, white Matthew Perry My dreams are I want to publish my series and become an environmental... Continue Reading →

Life of Young People Worldwide

A while ago, I had a discussion with my best friend. The discussion was about how life is for us youth around the world. I didn’t stop there at the discussion, I wanted to know how it is in the perspective of people from different countries around the globe. In two Facebook groups, I posted... Continue Reading →

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