What Perfection Feels Like – A Poem

Click here for the audio version of this poem. Here I am,Sitting next to you.Listening to the wavesCrashing on the beach.I tilt my headAnd rest it on your shoulder.We both sit quietly,Gazing at the horizon.Breathing steadily.You put your arms around me,And I feel utter peace.I close my eyesAnd smell the scent of you.After a long... Continue Reading →

Disorganization – A Poem

I will explodeI feel so much negativity Whichever direction I look atIs worse than the other one When you think things won't get any worseLife slaps you in the face You want to talk to someoneBut everyone feels the same When you keep all this negativity insideYou will explode like a time bomb I want... Continue Reading →

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